Mobile App with AI

Tools Used

1. Create Code

Ask chat GPT to give html css and js for a 2 player tic tac toe game.
Make sure it is working with codepen
see the preview in the bottom

Ask Chat GPT for revising code. eg: linear Gradient bg, add a popup to show the winner, add a restart button

Test again with codepen

2. Save code to computer

3. Upload to

set a subdomain app
upload as a zip file
see working sample

4. convert webapp to app

Set a name for your app
Set an icon from

Click on make app
Enter required details and register.
Click "Make App"
App will be created and ready for download as zip

5. Download App to phone

  1. Extract zip
  2. find apk
  3. upload to g drive
  4. downlod apk from gdrive to phone
  5. install
  6. open

6. Advance Game apps